Air Oil Separator for Compressor

Air Oil Separator

We are specialized in manufacturing a range of compressed air oil separators, that cater to the requirements of automobile and various other industries. These oil separators are widely reckoned for their optimum functionality, application specific design and low maintenance standards. Available in various standard sizes and specifications, our range of oil separators are also custom designed as per the specifications provided by the clients.

Our range of Air Oil Separators is available in 300 models and is manufactured using cylindrical or pleated design micro glass along with different flanges, gaskets and kits as per the application requirements. These separators are also known as mist eliminator elements, which are used to remove oil, smoke and mist from mechanical and rotary vacuum pumps.


  • Air flow capacities: 3000 CFM (element is limited)
  • Micron aerosol selectivity: .3-10 micron
  • Removal efficiency: 99.9 %
  • Operating temperature: 225oF
  • Maximum differential temperature: 50 PSI DP

These are used to separate and reclaim lubricants in the air, gas stream of air compressors in general and rotary compressor in particular. Air oil separators air oil separators air oil separators main media borosilicate/ glass fibre wrapped or in pleated construction rating - 0. 3 to 3 micron air oil separator air oil separator air oil separator material of casing bright steel zinc plated with corrosion resistance or ss connection flanged/ cylindrical flow rate upto 1500 cfm efficiency between 2-4 ppm oil carry over depending on size and design style. performance initial pressure drop 0. 18 bar @7 bar pressure. Design collapse differential pressure 4 bar, maximum operating temperature 160 deg.

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